It’s All Under Control

Embark on a six-week journey to letting go of the things you can’t control, finding the strength to hang on tighter to those you can- and finally learning how to tell the difference.

If you’re like most women, you have been trying to hang on tight so you can get life right. Jennifer Dukes Lee has written this Bible study work especially for you. Over the course of this study, you’ll:

Uncover surprising truths from the life of Jesus about busyness, obedience, and asking for help
Discover the five major reasons that keep us from trusting God – and how to overcome them
Learn how to make healthier, wiser decisions about how to spend your time and energy
Find practical exercises and scriptural truths to guide you in living a life of surrender to God
This isn’t a journey to “doing less”; it’s about becoming more of who God has truly created you to be.

Maria Lammers will be hosting this women’s bible study starting on Tuesday, October 11 at 7:00 in the Ministry Center. 

She will be placing an order for the study guide on October 3rd. If you would like her to order one for you, call or text her at 419-953-6129 or call Connie at the office.  Study guides will be $10

Fall Sermon Series – Active Church

The fall reading plan and sermon series will be based off the book of Acts. There is no better way to follow up our summer sermon series on the Gospels than to dive into the book of Acts, which gives the account of the early church in the first few decades after Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Specifically, we will focus on a passage each week that will help us learn how to be a more active church.

As the title “Acts” implies, the early church actively worked to spread the good news of Jesus Christ from “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Join us on Sunday mornings to study how we can be a church of active participants rather than passive spectators. Let’s be an ACTIVE CHURCH.

Summer Sermon Series: Who Do You Say I Am?

Jesus once asked his disciples “Who do you say I am?” They had heard reports of what others thought about Jesus. But Jesus wanted to know what they believed about him.

The answer to that question reveals a lot about your faith.

Like the disciples, we may hear rumors or reports from others about Jesus. But we must not take our cues from culture or any other preconceived notions we have about Jesus. Our answer must be rooted in Scripture.

This summer, we are going to study how the Bible answers Jesus’ question and how the answer impacts our faith.

May Sermon Series: Attributes of God

During the month of May, the sermons will focus on some of the attributes of God. I say “some” because God is too great, too glorious, too wonderful to cover in a few sermons. The goal, however, is to grow in our knowledge of God.

We need to know who God is so that we can love him and worship him as he deserves. Author and Bible teacher Jen Wilken says, “Your heart cannot love what your mind does not know.” Let’s study God’s attributes so that we can proclaim together “How great is our God!”

Sermon Series: Living Faithfully in a Fallen World

Peter wrote his first letter to Christians who were scattered throughout the Roman Empire. He encouraged them to live faithfully in the face of persecution, hardship, and suffering. In many ways, the lessons that Peter shared with those believers apply to us today. Our commitment to follow Christ may put us at odds with the prevailing direction of our culture.

Join us on Sunday mornings as we study 1 Peter and discover how to live faithfully in a fallen world.

Faith Statement Sermon Series & Small Groups

Sermon Series: We Believe… starts on September 12.

This sermon series will explore what we believe, why it is important, and establish a Biblical foundation for our church to build on.

Want to dig deeper? Join a small group to study the Statement of Faith in depth and discuss what it means for us as individuals and   as a church family.

Small group times and locations are listed below. You can sign up at the info center in the sanctuary or by contacting the church office.

  • Sunday mornings @10:15 am (Sunday School hour) Led by Mark Schrolucke and Carolyn Lammers in the church social room.
  • Sunday evenings @ 5:30 pm – Led by Brad Hoge and Pastor Joel in the ministry center youth room.
  • Wednesday evenings @ 7 pm – Led by Stan Reineke and Michelle Dillon and either the Reineke or Dillon home.
  • Thursday mornings @ 10 am – Led by Pastor Joel in the ministry center youth room.

Ask The Pastor

Questions sometimes arise as you are listening to the sermon on Sunday mornings or reading a passage in the Bible.

  • What did Pastor Joel mean when he said that?
  • How does this message apply to my life?
  • What other Scripture passages support the main idea of the sermon?

Now you can “Ask the Pastor” by calling or texting (419) 405-FCNK [3265].

Leave a voice message or text for Pastor Joel and he will answer your questions regarding his teaching and preaching.

He may respond to you directly, or answer questions on his blog or a Facebook Live post. We hope this will be a great way for you to continue to interact with the sermon and deepen your understanding of God’s Word!

You can also submit a question or prayer request via our Contact Us page.

Kingdom Over All

Reflections on the Bible, life, and the Kingdom of God from Joel Bucklin