Mission Trip Fundraiser Lunch

Sunday, August 6

10 am to 12:30 pm

Bratwurst & sauerkraut, homemade German potato salad, homemade German chocolate cake & more…  (Carryout available)

In September First Church will be sending a team to Kusel, Germany to work on the 3C Project which serves as a church, training center to missionaries and a youth center.

Our work team will be doing a variety of physical labor from finish work, painting, landscaping, & cleanup.

Join us for lunch!  Doug & Kathy McClain will be here to share about their mission work in Germany and how they use the 3C Project Center.

No tickets needed.  Donations welcome and will offset the cost of the team’s airline tickets.   Anything above that will be donated to the 3C Project.

Location: First Church of New Knoxville Ministry Center

200 W. Bremen St., New Knoxville, OH  45871



Ask The Pastor

Questions sometimes arise as you are listening to the sermon on Sunday mornings or reading a passage in the Bible.

  • What did Pastor Joel mean when he said that?
  • How does this message apply to my life?
  • What other Scripture passages support the main idea of the sermon?

Now you can “Ask the Pastor” by calling or texting (419) 405-FCNK [3265].

Leave a voice message or text for Pastor Joel and he will answer your questions regarding his teaching and preaching.

He may respond to you directly, or answer questions on his blog or a Facebook Live post. We hope this will be a great way for you to continue to interact with the sermon and deepen your understanding of God’s Word!

You can also submit a question or prayer request via our Contact Us page.

Summer Sermon Series

James: Practical Faith for the Real World.

Together we will walk through the book of James verse by verse. This New Testament epistle gives believers helpful, practical advice on how to live out their faith in everyday situations. It is sometimes difficult to be faithful in today’s world. James reminds us of the importance of putting our faith in practice. We must be doers of the word, not just listeners. Join us this summer as we learn how to have practical faith for the real world.

Join us at First Church of New Knoxville at 9:00 am on Sundays or listen to the re-broadcast on T-1-2 FM at 10:15 a.m.  We are located at 200 W. Bremen St. in New Knoxville, Ohio.

First Church Mission Trip to Kusel, Germany – September 9-17

First Church Mission/Work Trip to Kusel, Germany – September 9-17

Recently, Kathy & Doug McClain and Pastor Michael Landoll with the 3C Project in Kusel, Germany contacted First Church and shared their need for another work group this fall. The details regarding the exact nature of the work are yet to be determined, but they will make them known as soon as possible. Tentative dates are September 9-17, 2017. We will fly from Ohio to Frankfurt, Germany. While in Germany, all food, lodging, and transportation will be provided by the host church. We will only need to cover the cost of airfare (currently between $800-900 round trip), fees associated with obtaining a passport, and personal spending money. We are hoping to form a group of about 6-10 people.

The 3C Project is constructing a building in Kusel, Germany that will house in depth training for the local church, a summer camp ministry, and a missions training center. The 3C Project hopes to encourage churches and missionaries struggling against the post-modern mindset found in Germany.

This is a great opportunity for our church to continue to build upon a relationship that began last year. There is a very real need in Germany. Much of the Western World now lives in a post-Christian society. The values, morals, and truth of Scripture is no longer accepted as the norm. We are even beginning to see this trend in our own country. The 3C Project is attempting to push back against the postmodern mindset and equip Christian leaders with the resources they need to spread the Gospel effectively.

If you are interested in going on this trip, or want more information, please contact Connie Schroer at connie.schroer@nktelco.net in the church office.  As far as airfare is concerned, the sooner we can form the group the better.

Don’t hesitate to call First Church at 419-753-2446 and find out more about this exciting mission opportunity!