My First Church

Mobile_Giving_imageMy First Church provides our members with 24/7 access to their membership information & giving records.

All members who create a secure log in have access to their own personal information and only connected members may access their data or the membership directory.

Our system is called Access ACS and is available through a website or mobile app.


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Once you create a log in you can:

  • Submit changes to your personal information.
  • View your giving history.
  • Set up online giving.
  • Register for events.
  • Volunteer for activities.
  • View or print an up to date church directory.
  • Download the ChurchLife Mobile App. (pictured above)

How do I sign up?

  1. Create an account by clicking on the green icon “My First Church”
  2. On that page select “Need a login? Click here”
  3. My First Church will verify that you are in the church database and send you an email with a username and startup password. (If you encounter problems, First Church of New Knoxville may not have your current or preferred email address in the church database, so please email the church office at to update or add your email address so you will be able to log in).
  4. Use the username and password from the email to log in and create  your permanent password.  You will now be able to login and use My First Church anytime you like.

Do I have to create an account?

No, if  you are a guest or visitor please use the green icon above marked “Guest Online Giving”.   We are so thankful for your support and generosity!

If you are a member of First Church but do not wish to create an account you can also use Guest Online Giving.  However, you will not be able to access your records or giving history without a log in.

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