Adult Bible Study – Exodus & The Ten Commandments

Class begins Sunday, September 19th at 10:15 am in the Ministry Center.

The Bible Study will be a fun and interactive way to discuss the book of Exodus!  Each Sunday we will read and study a portion of  the book of Exodus, and then watch a portion of the classic Movie “The 10 Commandments”, by Cecil B DeMille.   

We will compare how the movie portrays the Exodus Bible story to the words of the Scripture.  We’ll look at the parallels between the Hebrew’s salvation from slavery in Egypt, and our Salvation through our faith in Jesus Christ!   

The class is led by Aaron Rohrbaugh and is open to all ages High School to adults, as we look forward to studying God’s word together in faith and fellowship! 

There is a sign up sheet at the info center in the church sanctuary or you can call the office to sign up.

Refreshments will be available each Sunday!


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