Tough Questions of About Faith

Summer Series – June 1 – September 4

A few months ago I began asking the church to submit tough questions about the Bible or faith in general. You did not disappoint! Thank you to everyone who submitted questions or topics for the sermon series.

Below you will find a tentative schedule for the summer. I attempted to include everyone’s submission. Some of them were similar enough to combine and form a mini-series, others will be stand alone sermons.

My hope and prayer as we work through these questions is for us as a church to faithfully engage the Scriptures in a way that honors God and each other, and to demonstrate that God is big enough to handle our questions and doubts. Jesus told his disciples that he is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). I believe that if we honestly and earnestly seek the truth, we will always find Jesus in the end.   Pastor Joel

June 9-What is the Trinity?

June 16-Why did Jesus cry when Lazarus died?

June 23-Why is there good and evil?

June 30-What does it mean to be pro-life?

July 7- If God is first in our life then how should our priorities change? (Youth Pastor Tory preaching)

July 14 –Questions from the book of Revelation

July 21- End Times / Second Coming

July 28- Hell and the Devil

August 4- Heaven – Are you ready? (Youth Pastor Tory preaching)

August 11-Violence in the Old Testament

August 18- How do I defend and share my faith?

August 25- What is the Armor of God?

September 4- What are Spiritual Gifts?

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